It so sad Ghanaians rate Nigerian artist over us – Keche

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Delali Kukey
Delali Kukey
QueenDelaDela, Broadcast journalist very passionate about what i do.

Keche has disclosed that its very unfortunate Ghanaians rate Nigerian artists over them, for them they think people have to accept and acknowledge their own.

According to the group not everything you do would please people, whatever you do, good or bad people will still find means and ways to criticize you.

‘’Not everybody will love or enjoy what you do, sometimes one out of thousands are those who appreciate what you do’’ they said.

Keche is known to be one of the most consistent and versatile music groups in West Africa. Joshua is a rapper with the power of word play and Andrew is a songster with a silvery voice.
The group’s name is inspired by the deftness in their music composition and performance. “Keche” literally means skills in Akan. They are also known as the “Skill Team”.

Joshua Ampah and Andrew Cudjoe make this talented, indomitable and dynamic duo. Both born and raised in Takoradi, in the Western region of Ghana, West Africa, their musical journey started very early in life as they both started singing at Sunday school and through basic education.

Keche speaking on Afro joint Show with Fiifi Pratt on kingdom plus 101.9 said in life such things happen so if you decide to listen to what people say about you all the time you might end up working for people rather than working for yourself.

‘’We are in the entertainment industry and people do what makes them happy, the same way you also do what makes you happy in order for you to get a place in the industry’’ he noted.

I don’t know why Ghanaian always believe foreign artists, whatever a foreign artist does is good and right for Ghanaians, but when a Ghanaian artist is doing something good they (Ghanaians) turn to criticizing the artist. It’s about time Ghanaians have a second thought on artists and appreciate what they do.

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By: Queenel Delali Kukey / Kingdom plus 101.9 FM / Kingdom TV/ / / Ghana / 2020

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