I Was Rejected By My Family Because Of My Health Condition-Ex – Convict Mother

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Delali Kukey
Delali Kukey
QueenDelaDela, Broadcast journalist very passionate about what i do.

The biological mother of an ex-convict Philip Asante, says she was abandoned by her family members due to her health condition after she was involved in car accident on her way from a business trip in January 2010.

‘’I used to be a trader where I traveled to some part of the region to buy food stuff and distribute to the market women in my region, but the unfortunate thing happened suddenly on my return from a trip since then my family members rejected me’’ she explained.

According to her, even though she was born and bred in Asamankese in the Eastern Region of Ghana, she did not spend most of her life in the region.

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Speaking about her son Philip Asante, I am glad my son has changed from his duviouse character, am so happy, I thank God because I know it is only God who could have done this.

In an interview with Ghana Beye Yie on Accra-Based Kingdom Plus 101.9 said after being involved in the car accident her mother was the person taking care of her until the mother passed on, this according to her really broke her down because her mother was her only hope.

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‘’After the death of my mother there was nobody in the family to help me, I believe it was the reason my son got himself into bad activities in order to support me and the siblings’’ she echoed.

I think my son would not have joined bad friends if everything was okay with us, but I thank God today he’s changed for good.

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I urged parents to support their children so that they don’t fall victim the way it happened to my son, am pleading with any good person out there to come to our aid for support.

By: Queenel Delali Kukey / / / Ghana / 2021

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