I Tried Several Time To Abort My Pregnancy But Didn’t Work-Lady Tell Her Story

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Delali Kukey
Delali Kukey
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A lady in a thirties Jennifer Amartey has advice women to not take abortion as the only solution or a final option in life, saying mistakes do happen but anytime it happens you have to learn from it and move on in life.

‘’whenever a woman mistakenly get pregnant she want to abort it just to prevent herself from shame and critics from people, she said I tried all I could to abort the pregnancy taking all kinds of drugs but the baby did not die’’

The lady, Jennifer narrated to kingdom plus 101.9 on Nyansapor program, said the child she needed to abort some years ago is now a big child and will bring her flower anytime he goes out.

‘’This is the same pregnancy I tried several times to abort but didn’t work’’ she said.

Jennifer narrated on the show that when she got pregnant she forced the man responsible to marry her even though she was 22 years but because she needed to please the people around her, she got married thinking it’s the best decision.

According to her, after marriage things became very tough for them physically, spiritually, financially, characterize. Everything was in a mess there was no happiness misunderstanding every day. ‘’Marriage is not for children and is for matured people’’ she admitted.

She advises women to not force men to marry them because they are pregnant for the man, that marriage she said will not last long.

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By: Queenel Delali Kukey / Kingdom plus 101.9 FM / Kingdom TV/ / / Ghana / 2020

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