I have never written a song before- Eva.Diana Asamoah reveals

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Delali Kukey
Delali Kukey
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Ghanaian gospel artiste, Diana Asamoah has said she has never written a song before but has people writing for her.

In an interview on Kingdom plus 101.9 Fm, she was asked that people are complaining that those days Gospel songs thus, their era was very powerful than the current gospel songs and so whats her take on that
In her response she said

“If you listen to my songs, you will realize i do olden days kind of songs, The thing is some composes their songs from the bible, some too composes from the happenings across the world, some also will do a song because of Covd19 so as soon as the Covid19 is over the person becomes less in doing music, We have someone to that is gifted with music but do not get the necessary help to push the craft, Therefore every musician needs a producer and every producer needs a musician too. If you are not good in written a song and force yourself to look through the Bible to do that trust me you might come out writing a trash. Some can compose a song will mention Gods name throughout without any message, I want to make this clear that i have never written a song before, all my songs are written by Pastors Simon Boama who lives in London…. I advice every musician to look for good writers to write songs for therm instead of forcing to do that themselves.

Watch video below:

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