I have been called ‘ashawo’, ‘gold digger’ because I married an older man – Kafui Danku

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Christopher Agbodo Ranson
Christopher Agbodo Ranson
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It was all a wonderful experience when the two “Kafuis” engaged each other on the GTV Breakfast Show talking about women and what is associated with them.

It was even more exciting when Host Kafui Dey asked Actress Kafui Danku how marriage had been so far. She noted that it had been, “a blessing even though people say it’s because of the man’s wealth”, she said.

Bringing us to why some women marry older people, the Actress said, said she has had a lot of backlash with people calling her “ Ashawo” and Gold digger” for marrying such an old man, but, she was quick to add that “she had been with men her age and it was nothing to write home about”.

She however said such comments from people have never gotten to her because of how she has mentally trained herself, especially, being married that early and to a mature man.


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