I Am The Best Candidate To Occupy The Position As National Treasure – Mary Porsch – Oduro

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Aspiring National Treasurer of the ruling New Patriotic Party, Mary Porsch-Oduro says thinking about the welfare of the grassroots is something that is very unique about a perfect leader.

According to her such a leader who has demonstrated to the entire membership of the NPP is who the party needs now insisting that, grassroots empowerment is dearest to her heart. She has served and supported the party with her personal resources since 1992.

She says with no appointment since 1992, she has never thought of betraying the party but rather putting up her maximum best to defend the party and to support the grassroots at all times.

In the last contest in 2018, she outlined numerous beneficial policies that would benefit the grassroots if she had won.

She said even though she lost marginally to the incumbent in the last contest of the National Treasurer position, she didn’t give up on party activities but tried to implement some of her policies which helped in winning some of the orphan constituencies in the just ended 2020 general elections.

Therefore urging delegates to reconsider their plans to vote for her as the National Treasurer in the coming contest.

Speaking with Okogyeabuo Ocran on Kingdom FM’s ANOPA NKOMO on Tuesday 12th July, 2022, she said her stewardship as the next National Treasurer, the ordinary party grassroot shall benefit from party dues, where a reasonable percentage of their dues shall be given back to the constituencies for party developments and assisting those with luxurious job opportunities.

Establishment of Income Generating Ventures that will create jobs for the grassroots and at the same time generate income for the day-to-day administration of the constituencies is also on her agenda and will make sure office shall see to the timely release of funds for the needed logistics for party works.

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