October 21, 2021

Use More Local Food Ingredients To Boost Immune System To Fi …

The Chief Executive Officer in-charge of Hour of Rush Treatment Center, where local foods and exercise is used to treat all kinds of sicknesses such as stroke and others in the Cape Coast Metropolis is urging Ghanaians to use more local ingredients such as Prekese, ginger, kontomire, and local spices in our meals to boost our immune system to fight Covid-19.

Isaiah Adom Mensah said it is sad that most of our local ingredients have potentials to fight several ailments but Ghanaians have abandoned their usage.

According to him, this is the time we ought to go back to eat food made from local ingredients.

Isaiah Adom Mensah is urging Ghanaians to eat food made from local ingredients to boost our immune system.

” Our local ingredients contain natural chemicals to fight bacteria and virus, ” he emphasized.

Our forefathers, he noted, lived longer and healthier because they used more local ingredients in their diets.

” This is the time we should go back to encourage the use of local ingredients in our meals, “Isaiah Adom Mensah reiterated.

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