October 21, 2021

Use Ban To Regulate Pragia & Okada Businesses – A …

Residents of Ahafo Region have appealed to the Regional Security Council(REGSEC) to use the ban placed on the activities of commercial tricycle (pragia) and motorbike(okada) to draft a documented regulation for the operators.

The residents made the call after REGSEC announced that for the next 14 days beginning from Monday 27th April 2020, the activities of both pragia and okada in the region are halt in order to let people respect the social distancing protocol to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the residents interviewed at the district capitals namely Goaso(Asunafo North), Kukuom(Asunafo South), Kenyasi(Asutifi North), Hwidiem(Asutifi South), Bechem(Tano South) and Duayaw Nkawnta (Tano North) where the pragia and okada business is booming, this is the perfect opportunity for leaders of the region to streamline the activities of the riders to bring sanity and to protect lives.

Speaking on the importance of the two (2), the people explained that there are several benefits derived from the introduction of the two but per the attitude of some riders fear and panic grip them anytime they board the two for their daily activities.

They explained that reckless riding has taken the centre stage of their activities leading to accidents claiming the lives of innocent souls and also leaving people in deformities.

Aside from this, some owners have given the cheap labour syndrome to underage persons which is unlawful.

The security at the various assemblies in the region does make arrest to deter others but still, the under 18 persons operate with no experience.

They again stressed how the riders overload their tricycles and motorbikes especially on weekly market days where people from Ashanti, Bono, and Bona East Regions converge to sell their stuffs.

At times it is disheartening to see how an okada with about four(4) persons on top speed in town where people are moving about and crossing roads and the same applies to the pragia operators.

Another revelation the interviewees touched on is the rate at which most of the riders are not having licenses to work.

They said, it is unacceptable for the managers of the region to allow riders of the two(2) to operate without the needed documentation and it is a sense of danger and alarming.

They further alert the assemblies to ensure that on daily basis the riders pay levies to them to be used for development. According to them, most assemblies have left the riders when it comes to the paying of some token just like how commercial vehicles pay levies daily to the assemblies termed as Internal Generated Fund(IGF).

They cited Tepa in the Ahafo Ano North District, Ashanti Region as an example where the managers of the assembly are ensuring that on daily basis the operators of pragia pay levies for the development of the district. According to them the riders in Tepa are well checked by the police so discipline is one top when it comes to pragia business and it will not be wrong for the managers of Ahafo Region to emulate the practice.

The residents who are a bit worried about the absence of both pragia and okada due to the ban by REGSEC because their movements are now slow stated that they will be highly disappointed if what they have suggested to the authorities are not factored in during this period.

“Coronavirus is a blessing in disguise because several positive changes are gradually happening to Ghana” the residents said.

From Sammy Asare, Ahafo Region.

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