October 21, 2021

Prophet TB Joshua On Live SCOAN Service On Coronavirus

I was waiting for a result and here is the result.

The people will continue to talk about it but the Lord would have already wiped the epidemic away this week then the world will acknowledge that there is God in Heaven

This epidemic will end the way it came. It will just disappear just like that.

The Lord will open the heavens and it will rain this week. Starting at the center of the disease Wuhan. It is not the rainy season in China and no rains are expected during this period of the year but it will rain for a week.

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The Lord will clear away the epidemic. Even those who will not be in contact with this rain will be healed Amen.

Right now it is raining in Wuhan. If you have a relative there call them they will tell you it is raining.

The Lord will heal his people. Even here in Nigeria, it is not supposed to rain during this time of the year but we will receive rains this week until the end of the week.

Most Nations who are not supposed to receive rains during this period will also receive rains this week. It is not just rain.

If the Lord says yes who can say no. This rain will wipe away the Coronavirus epidemic on this Earth..

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