September 29, 2021

Media Houses Should Desist From Inviting People With Deficie …

Darkness of a stark nature has befallen the world. Coronavirus has been tearing the world apart as it has envenomed nations with its poison.

Amidst this dark, foggy and uncertain phenomenon that has engulfed us as a country, some of us have been irresponsible in so many ways.

The media has played strategic as well as pivotal functions in our fight against this novel coronavirus pandemic. To the extent that some media personalities are seen at the frontline of this deadly war, one cannot discount the positive impacts of the roles played by the media in Ghana.

While the media’s contributions to this fight are laudable, there have been several deficiencies which tend to blemish the good works some of the media entities and persons have done which need to be looked at.

There may be a thin line between our inalienable rights to express our opinions as enshrined in our Constitution and doing same with expertise since the latter, if not critically looked at, can make the constitutional provision inefficient and ineffective.

The media, for some time now, has made it a hobby to invite politically tainted persons to headline their discussions on COVID-19 with regards to how the situation is being handled by the Ghanaian authorities.

People who speak the views and positions of political parties are, often, invited to discuss matters which need experts in health to talk about. There may be people with expertise on health related matters but they’re so glued to the stances of their political parties that they cannot objectively deal with such issues.

Some media persons also dabble in such discussions when they are far removed from the expertises required to talk about such issues. For those in charge of this fight to have peace of mind to do the job on our behalf, acts or moves which tend to derail their efforts must not be entertained.

Media entities should, therefore, stop inviting politicians, sports presenters and other people with limited knowledge on health-related matters to discuss the issues surrounding the subject.

Source: P.K Sarpong

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