April 20, 2021


Expert sex coach, Akosua Davies, has freely tipped women on how well they can take care of their private parts and what to do to avoid foul smell and recurring vaginal infections.

Speaking in an interview with Adwen the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s adult show ‘In Bed With Adwen’, she stated that when bathing, it is very important to wash the vagina with lots of water.

“A lot of people say then when washing, just use the water to wash the surface but you realize that when women get infections, there is some white cheese-like substance that comes out of the vagina so when you’re washing, you can put your finger in there and wash it out with the water”, she said.

Akosua continued that women after bathing, should not be in a hurry to dress up and should not use the same towel that they use for their whole body to clean their genital parts.

“After bathing, don’t be in a hurry to wear your panty. Sit on your bed, look for a clean towel, open your legs to an angle and clean your vaginal area and between your thighs. You should have about two towels; one for your whole body and one for your genital area.

Those of you who wear beads, know that the thread in the beads soaks water so use the towel to clean the beads as well. Those of you who also like to keep the place bushy, if you don’t clean it well and leave water soaked in it, it’s like a water-logged area so when the vaginal area catches heat, it could cause the place to smell. Also, when the water that has been soaked up in the pubic hair drips into the vagina, it could cause infections”, Akosua educated.

She further advised that women should be sure to wash their panties regularly and dry them in the sun, as well as change them regularly. The sexpert then emphasized on the need to bath well and change pads at least three times when a woman is on her menstrual period.

“Some women wear one pad from the house to work, urinate and wear that pad again, forgetting that all the discharge from the vagina goes into the pad which still has direct contact with the vagina so take about three pads. Around brunch time, you change, wrap it nicely and put it in your bag and dump it appropriately when you get home. Be sure to change at least two to three times before you go home, bath and change again”.

Lastly, Akosua Davies advised that women should shave their vaginal hairs so as to keep dirt particles from getting stuck in it. For women who like to keep it bushy, she stated that they should nicely trim the hairs around the clitoris and the vaginal opening to allow air to pass around the place freely.

Per her knowledge, following all these tips help to keep a woman’s vagina clean at all times and safe from bacteria and recurring infections.

Source: Happy 98.9FM

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