September 22, 2021
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Healthy Living: Health Benefits Of Cola And Lemon For Men

Little cola is widely known for its medicinal benefits, as the seeds, nuts, and bark have been and still are used to treat various ailments.

This article is about the health benefits of drinking small cola soaked in lemon for 3 days.


.Get about 5 pieces of small cola, peel and wash thoroughly

Get a bottle of lemon, available at most stores or pay for lemons and squeeze them into a bottle.

. Put your little cola inside the lemon bottle, cut it into small pieces for easier penetration.

. Soak your bitter cola in your bitter lemon for 3 days.

Drink twice a day (morning and evening)

Health Benefits of Drinking the Blend

. Treat malaria

. lose weight

. treat diabetes

. immunity

. erectile dysfunction

Delali Kukey

QueenDelaDela, Broadcast journalist very passionate about what i do.

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