October 23, 2021

Exhausted Coronavirus Doctors Pictured Sleeping On Floors As …

Exhausted Chinese doctors are sleeping on the floors of hospitals as they work all hours to contain the deadly coronavirus.

Images showed medical staff laying down anywhere they could in an unnamed hospital in China.

This included floors, benches and chairs.

The doctors have been hailed as ‘heroes’ online after they were snapped getting rest as they fight the killer infection.

In the pictures, eight hospital staff can be seen in protective suits sleeping side-by-side on the floors of the facility.

Other snaps show workers snoozing in chairs and at their desks as nearly all of them are dressed in full protective gear.

Some of the pictures were posted on social media with the caption ‘they are the true heroes of this country’.

China’s hospitals are reportedly overcrowded as the number of those infected by the coronavirus in the country has reached 17,297 in Mainland China, with 361 deaths in the country.

The new Huoshenshan Hospital, which was built in the city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, in just eight days began taking patients on Monday.

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