October 21, 2021

Environmental Health Officers Too Deserve The COVID-19 Stimu …


H.E The President of The Republic of Ghana, Jubilee House, Accra

The Hon. Minister Of Health, MOH

The Hon. Minister Of Information, MOI

All Media Houses


Environmental Health Officers (EHO) are the Allied Health Professionals under the HEALTH PROFESSIONS REGULATORY BODIES ACT of 2013 and are working under the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) with the MMMDAs, Port Health Unit, and hospitals at the MOH among others. EHOs across the country and are currently at post because they fall the essential services under the national labour act and further exempted by the President’s directives in the Covid 19 restrictions and lock down as Environmental And Sanitation Activities/Services

Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) are frontline Health Officers stationed at all the Ports of entry in line with the International Health Regulations, 2005.

EHOs core duties among others in this COVID – 19 pandemic are:

  1. Healthcare waste management especially management of highly infectious waste like waste from Covid-19 patients, treatment centers and holding facilities.
  2. Ensuring Safe and hygienic practices is important for quality health outcomes and is a duty of the Environmental Health Officer
  3. Promoting hygiene practices like hand hygiene, cough etiquette and Environmental cleaning is essential to break the chain of transmission at the community and other places of human engagements.
  4. Current and terminal disinfection of homes and wards including vehicles or ambulances and articles of a Covid 29 dead body.
  5. Safe burial of infected corpse.
  6. Training of other health staff on waste segregation, Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) and handling of the Covid 19 dead bodies.
  7. Public education on the preventive measures of Covid 19 and other preventable disease conditions such as cholera and diarrhoeal diseases.
  8. Inspection and enforcement of hygienic at all public and private health facilities to enforce personal and environmental hygiene standards.
  9. Inspection and monitoring of markets, shopping malls, lorry stations among others.
  10. Enforcement of the public health directives by the President with respect to public health.
  11. Preparation of quarantine areas to meet basic hygiene and safety standards.
  12. Contact tracing and monitoring to prevent spread of the disease.
  13. Overseeing operations at public mortuaries where covid 19 bodies are kept and supervision of private ones.
  14. We serve on the following committees in the covid 19 response:-
    a. Public Health Emergency Committee (PHEC)
    b. Rapid Response Team
    c. Education Committee.
    d. Surveillance
    e. Risk communication
    f. Case management and Contact tracing.
    g. Burial Team
    h. Technical committee which advises the PHEC.
  15. Premises Surveillance- house to house inspection and education on covid 19 where we also look out for unhygienic conditions which could result in outbreaks of other infectious diseases like cholera. This also ensures that the lockdown and the appeal for people to stay home does not result in another outbreak.
    By playing our part, health facilities will not be overwhelmed with other preventable disease conditions.
    Considering the above roles by the EHOs in this Covid 19 fight, it is obvious that we are frontline service providers and deserve the Stimulus Package Announced by His Excellency the President of the Republic for all Health Worker as the Frontliners.

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  1. Michael Affordefe. Senior Health Tutor/Environmental Health Officer. 0245406516

2.Iddrisu Shani – Assistant Environmental Health Analyst. 0246718399

  1. Samuel Yaw Agyemang-Badu. Senior Health Tutor/Environmental Health Officer. 0244371065

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