September 29, 2021

Dr Nsiah Asare Reveals Gov’t Will Build 15 Coronavirus Tes …

Presidential Adviser on Health, Dr Anthony Nsiah Asare, has revealed that government is working very hard to ensure they build at least 15 centers across the country to test people who have come into contact with a COVID-19 patient.

According to him, the government will be building a combined capacity of testing 200,000 samples to help control the coronavirus disease.

Dr Nsiah Asare was addressing a sensitization programme on COVID-19 for senior journalists, in Accra, under the auspices of the Ghana Journalists Association.


“In our efforts to contain the disease, we have to learn the experience of South Korea and Japan and one of them is to test, test, and test the people who are sick and as the President said, we are expecting 50,000 test kits in the meantime to test everybody, who has been exposed to a patient.”

“So far, we have identified more than 500 people through our contact tracing and we are still searching so that when we test anyone who is positive, we can isolate them and when they opt for self-quarantine, we will teach them what to do,” he said.

He rubbished reports claiming coronavirus could be spread through the air.
“I have read the literature, which says that depending on the environment, the virus may be present in aerosol for about six to eight hours, but it doesn’t say anywhere that you can get it from breathing it from the air,” he stated.

“What we know is that it is spread through the droplets of a patient through contact, either by directly sneezing or coughing into another’s face and touching a surface, which has the virus. It stays longer on some surfaces than others, but luckily, this virus can be washed away by soap and water.”

By: Richard Obeng Bediako / Kingdom 107.7 FM / Kingdom TV/ / / Ghana / 2020

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