October 22, 2021
Business Health

Coronavirus Profiteers Could Be Prosecuted – UK Watchd …

There have been shortages of hand sanitizer gel in some UK shops, prompting retailers to restrict customers from buying two per day.

But some people have tried to profit from the shortages by selling hand sanitizer and other products at much higher prices online.

A 100ml bottle of Cuticura Total – which kills viruses as well as bacteria – is sold for £1.55 by Boots; but on one website, sellers were offering 40ml of the brand’s anti-bacterial gel for £24.99.

The UK’s competition watchdog has now warned retailers and traders they could be prosecuted for trying to “exploit” the virus outbreak by selling protective products at inflated prices.

The Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) added it would consider asking the government to introduce price controls if required.

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