CORONAVIRUS- Ghana May Not Be At Risk- Dr. Sarpong Asiedu

A UK based global Health Researcher, Dr. Kwame Sarpong Asiedu, has allayed fears that Africa risks losing its population to the deadly COVID – 19 pandemic.

He believes the indirect flight relations between Ghana and China is likely to affect the spread of the virus in the West African Country.

Making his claim relevant, he said “there is no direct flight from Ghana to China, traveling to China is bent on “transiting” so this is most likely to affect the spread of the virus,” he told Kwame Tutu on Accra based Kingdom FM’s Anopa Nkomo.

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He also added that the reason behind Africa and its indigenes attracting the virus in their native countries is as a result of indirect flights linking most African countries to China or to countries where the deadly pandemic is on the rise.

Making historical analysis to back his claim, the Ghanaian born UK researcher noted, the “1919 Spanish Flu”, 14 century “Black Death” and Swine Flu are examples of a pandemic outbreak that struck most countries in Asia and Europe, but its severity in Africa was at minimal.

He has so far lauded Ghana’s approach to combating the virus with the installation of quarantine centers, and it strict screening measures at the airport.

“Ghana as a country cannot use the “containment” approach, neither can we vote huge amount of money for laboratory research into finding a cure and a vaccine for the fight against the UK has done so far”, he said.

Dr. Sarpong advised Ghana should do away with certain culture and practices which are capable of exposing one to the virus, and believes strict screening measures at our ports and massive Education on the virus will suppress the spread of the virus in the country.

So far all suspected cases in Ghana have proven negative after further tests.

Out of the 110,313 world figures, 3,831 deaths have been reported with 62,395 recovered cases.

By: Israel Osei Asante / Kingdom 107.7 FM / Kingdom TV/ / Ghana / 2020

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