October 23, 2021

Chief Suggests To Assemblies The Best Way To Curb Open Defec …

The Apersemakahene of Kenyasi No. 1 in the Ahafo Region, Nana Kwame Yeboah Asuamah, has suggested to the managers of assemblies in the country to channel funds meant to build excessive public latrines to support homes without places of convenience in order to combat open defecation.

Nana Kwame Yeboah Asuamah suggested this at the stakeholders meeting of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene(WASH) program to assess the performance of the initiative enrolled by the Asutifi North District Assembly(ANDA) where it was revealed by experts who happens to be partners of the program that the assembly is doing well when it comes to the supply of potable water but for good sanitation still it has challenges despite the efforts put in place by stakeholders of the program.

According to him, one major contributing factor of poor sanitation in the country is open defecation practiced by some people although the Metropolitans, Municipals and Districts Assemblies(MMDAs) are able to build and still building public latrines in abundance to cater for residents without some yet the menace still hangs on the neck of the country meaning a new approach must be engaged by the assemblies.

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He stated public latrines are meant for people in transit but not for residents of the said communities where the latrines are located.

The manner in which assemblies put up numerous latrines for the public is not enforcing the residents to comply with the Local Government Act, Act 462 requiring house owners to compulsory provide toilet facilities because they believe paying small amounts of money will assist them ease themselves.

He said most people do not even visit the public latrines, especially in the evening and night due to either laziness or distance so what they do is to ease themselves at bushes near them. Some also ease into polythene bags and dump it anywhere causing poor sanitation which is a major concern of all assemblies.

He stressed that what the assemblies(230) in Ghana ought to do is to assist homes without toilet facilities by providing cement bags, roofing sheets, nails, iron rods and any other building material as a support base to curb open defecation which has been a threat to good sanitation in the country. Once the assemblies begin to support them it will enforce most to build their own toilet facilities.

Nana Kwame Yeboah Asuamah also charged the building department of the assemblies to enforce the building laws on the people for them to do the appropriate thing. He added that once the Act is respected by the people open defecation causing sickness will be no more and monies to tackle it can be channeled elsewhere to promote development.

Nana Yeboah who is a government appointee of ANDA disclosed that it is an eyesore to see newly completed buildings with no toilet facility and one can count as many as about five or more houses at a place with non-boasting of toilet facility which is unacceptable.

He told Ghanaians that it is extremely difficult and weird for well-developed countries in the world to pump huge sums of monies to combat poor sanitation practice in most African countries because to them sanitation is a way of life meaning you need not be told to be filth – free as a human being.

Apersemakahene of Ahafo Kenyasi No.1, Nana Kwame Yeboah Asuamah

According to him if Ghanaians do not desist from their bad attitude on sanitation it will be extremely difficult for every government to achieve the clean Ghana agenda.

The WASH program in the ANDA is expected to assist residents to have access to potable water in ease, enjoy good sanitation leading to better hygiene by the year 2030 where about 84,000 residents will benefit.

From Sammy Asare, Ahafo Kenyasi.

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