Abusers Of Roadside Bins To Face Wrath Of Ministry- Sanitati …

The Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources, Cecilia Abena Dapaah has sent a strong word of caution to those who dump their garbages in bins placed at vantage points to help stop indiscriminate littering to desist from such behavior or face the wrath of the ministry.

She stated stated that, the bins where placed there for a particular purpose and not for citizens to dump garbages made at home into it as being done.

The Minister was speaking at the Meet the Press series of the Information Ministry held in Accra to address progress of work made by the ministry.

Madam Dapaah stressed that,” effective use of the Bin will help improve of the sanitation challenges the country faces and will also beautify our environments to promote Tourism and generate more income for the country.”

She added that, ”it is high time Ghanaians have attitudinal change towards ensuring proper sanitation and hygiene.”

The Minister also touted the achievements the Ministry has made in building toilet facilities in homes as she re-echo her call to young women to reject the marriage proposals of men who have no decent toilet facilities in their homes.

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  1. Daniel Abekah Quansah says:

    Hello mama employ me to help you finished and contain this sanitation job, even the dustbin displayed most of them is full and nobody is doing the emptying, then also the spacing seams to be too far , as a country we needed to face this sanitation issues with all suriousness and do effective piloting, whiles we extends, the programe with effective results,

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