September 29, 2021

9 Ghanaian Nurses Dispatched To Barbados Test Positive For C …

Nine out of ninety five teams of Ghanaian nurses dispatched to Barbados by the Ministry of Health on an initial contract have tested positive for the novel COVID-19.

The entourage of 49 women and 46 men signed on to assist with healthcare local in the Caribbean country.

Acting Chief Medical Officer of Barbados Dr Kenneth George made this disclosure in a press conference on Saturday August 1, 2020.

He further disclosed that, all the nurses who arrived in the country last Thursday (July 30) are in a mandatory 14-day quarantine, although the other 86 tested negative for the virus

According to him, the nine are part of the country’s 12 new cases recorded last Saturday.

He said , “there were 12 positive cases but all persons are asymptomatic; that is they show no symptoms whatsoever.

Government in 2019 announced that 120 Ghanaian nurses have been selected to serve a two-year contract in Barbados under a Human Resources Agreement between the two countries.

The team comprised 12 cardiac care nurses, 21 critical care nurses, eight emergency room nurses, six operating theatre nurses, three ophthalmic nurses, and 70 registered general nurses.

Ninety-five nurses were dispatched and arrived in Barbados on Thursday.

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