October 21, 2021

6,000 Passengers Trapped On Cruise Ship As Two Are Tested Fo …

Around 6,000 passengers are trapped on an Italian cruise ship after a woman fell ill with a suspected case of the deadly coronavirus.

The Costa Smeralda vessel is currently being held near Civitavecchia, 35 miles of Rome, after a Chinese woman, 54, began displaying symptoms of the virus which has killed 170 people and infected 7,711.

The woman and her husband – who is not believed to have symptoms – were immediately placed in solitary confinement and have been tested for the coronavirus, Corriere della Sera reports.

The individual, who has not been identified, is said to have contacted medics on board on Wednesday night, saying she had a temperature and was suffering respiratory problems.

The test results are due this afternoon, with the 6,000 other passengers banned from leaving the docked vessel until they come back.

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