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Delali Kukey
Delali Kukey
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The Member of Parliament for Navrongo Central for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Sampson Tangombu Chiragia is urging government led by the Akufo-Addo administration to stop parading themselves with projects and infrastructure that are no where to found but rather find solution to the unemployment rate in the country which is killing the youth.

‘’Our youth are suffering instead of the government finding a solution to give them jobs after school, the government is saying this year is another year of roads while our young men and women are burdened with a square meal a day due to lack of job’’.

According to the Navrongo Central MP, every mature leader must consider what will benefit his people and sees to it that his people are comfortable in their country with jobs and opportunity available at their disposal.

‘’I will say Navrongo Central is a farming communication so finding jobs after school is very difficult so many of the youth have no choice but to join their parents in farming after school’’ he said.

In his submission on Accra Base ‘Kingdom Fm Pae Mu Ka‘, the Navrongo Central, Member of Parliament explains that Ghana is faced with over 12% youth unemployment and more than 50% underemployment, both higher than overall unemployment rates in the country. Despite major investments by both government and private sector, this challenge will intensify if job opportunities remain limited.

Speaking on government projects in his constituency, he noted that the government did not create any job opportunities for the youth in his community adding that the government is boosting with 1d1f, planting of Food and Jobs, Rearing for Food and Jobs but there is nothing like that in reality.

‘’Government should stop putting sand in the eyes of Ghanaians because there’s nothing like 1 vilage 1 dam anywhere.’’

‘’I think the government should forget declaring this year another second face of the year of roads and rather create opportunity for the youth, find a solution to the unemployment situation in the country because our youth are suffering from lack of job’’ he explained.

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By: Queenel Delali Kukey / Kingdom 107.7 FM / Kingdom TV/ / / Ghana / 2020

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