Gifty Anti Involved In An Accident With Her Daughter

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Christopher Agbodo Ranson
Christopher Agbodo Ranson
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Media celebrity Gifty Anti was in an accident with her kid.

On Wednesday, November 17, 2021, an accident occurred. While commuting with her daughter, Gifty Anti claims that another driver slammed into the back of her automobile.

“A car just slammed into my back!! HRH is traumatized, and the back of his head is in excruciating pain!! On Wednesday, she shared, “Please say a prayer for us.”

She recounted her ordeal on Facebook earlier today, detailing how the event occurred.

She expressed herself as follows:

“The driver of the automobile that smashed into my car was really courteous and volunteered to pay for the damage to my vehicle. ‘He has no idea what happened,’ he says.

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