September 21, 2021
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A woman and her child are believed to have drowned after the boat they were on was swept by currents on the River Nile in Uganda towards the open spillways of a hydro-power station in the eastern district of Jinja.

The woman, Super Shakirah, her husband Hassan Alwi and their two children, along with a tour guide, were on their way to view the source of the Nile on Sunday evening when the engine of their boat failed.

Power generator Eskom-Uganda said in a statement that another sailor who tried to rescue the family was also washed through the spillway.

The security team at the dam and soldiers rescued Mr Alwi, his 12-year-old child and the tour guide from the water. They were all admitted to hospital.

Army spokesperson Capt Edwin Mawanda said the body of Ms Shakirah had been recovered but the search was still on for the other victim.

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