We respectfully wish to bring to the attention of all the attitude of Fair Wages and Salaries Commission and National Council for Tertiary Education that has led to this stalemate in the determination of allowances of workers of the Technical Universities.
First, the allowances, with the exception of a few, of Vice-Chancellors of the Technical Universities are unfortunately lower than even Heads of Department of the least paid Public Universities.
For instance, the entertainment allowance payable to a VC of a TU is Ghc700. This is what has been served on the various TUs by the NCTE working with FWSC. Meanwhile, the same entertainment allowance of a Head of Department of the least paid Public University is Ghc1500. This is the fundamental problem working against Government’s ability to fathom why TUTAG members who are Heads of the Department should be paid entertainment allowance of Ghc 1500. For their, VCs are even taking lesser than that.
It is this Ghc 700 in mind that the FWSC used its long pen to work out the maths and came to the conclusion that entertainment allowance of TU Deans should be Ghc 233 and Ghc175 for HODs.
Second, there is a wrong impression created by FWSC. It has been presented as if TUTAG is negotiating new conditions of service. That is an unfortunate untruth. TUTAG is not negotiating any new conditions of service. The Technical Universities are universities, properly so established, so conditions of service of already existing Public Universities must automatically apply as the Market Premium (Interim Factor Arrangement) of 114% has been applied automatically.
The Technical universities are established by law. So their salaries and allowances must be those of the universities. This demand of TUTAG is legitimate.
To meet Government half way, TUTAG has taken the stance that the Government should only apply the conditions of service of the least paid public universities to its members. Because it will be a huge burden on Government to apply conditions in UCC, KNUST and UG to workers of the Technical Universities, TUTAG says Government should apply conditions pertaining to UPSA, which is one of those who are least paid.
We believe that this is a demand in good faith and a very reasonable one indeed.
There is a grave admission by the wider population that TUTAG’s demand is legitimate, fair and reasonable.
We wish to state that it may be difficult for TUTAG to back down on theie legitimate demand. Fair Wages and Salaries Commission and National Council for Tertiary Education should be compelled to fix the conditions of service of VCs of the TUs to meet those conditions of VCs of the other Public Universities. This will bring equity into the whole picture.
The key officers and senior members as well as senior and junior staff should not appear as being paid lesser than the other Public Universities.
We are of a firm conviction that FWSC and NCTE have not acted fairly and reasonably in the determination of the salaries and allowances of key officers of the TUs. Fair Wages and Salaries Commission has acted against the object for which it was created. This act of FWSC and NCTE sins against article 23 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana and the same must be corrected soon.
We hope that if this broader picture is looked at, TUTAG’s position will be understood and accepted by the Government.
We have high hopes in the Government that they will do the needful and calmness shall be restored on the various campuses of the Technical Universities.
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