October 21, 2021

Poor Housing Delivery In Ghana Exposing Us In The Fight Agai …

Ghana Community infections surpass imported cases
66.6% no history of travel & 33.4% with travel history


However, suddenly, it has dawned on us that, the way our communities have been structured is gravely pitiful, undermining our collective effort in seeking to fight this dreadful pandemic. Poor housing conditions, overcrowding, poor water and sanitary facilities, poor drainage systems, poor address systems, poor accessibility and internal road-networks and so on. Sharing of food even attracts huge numbers that create fear and panic It is not as if we did not know that these perilous weaknesses exist.

They have been with us since independence. Undeniable, every Government that we have had since independence claims to be addressing the issues; 63 years on, we are still where we are and indications are that, things are getting worse by every generation.

If only we had long approached housing as a basic necessity and made sure that all Ghanaians live in a decent home; if only we had made sure that every home in Ghana had running tap water; if only we had made sure that every home has its own toilet, kitchen and bathroom; if only we had made sure that homes in Ghana have been designed to be disaster resilient; if only we had created our settlements such that every household is easily identifiable and within reach for effective disaster management.

When our leaders pretend to be solving the needs of the people, but in reality think about their stomach, the reality will expose you. If we now realise that food is a necessity, then so is shelter, just as Maslow’s theory of needs puts it.

Let us go back to the drawing board when this whole storm of COVID19 is over, we the incoming generation can turn things around, it is better late than never. We still have all those proposals available for a better housing and affordable housing scheme for Ghana.


Frank Aboagye Danyansah
C.E.O – Danywise Estate and Construction
Public Interest Advocate in Ghana

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