October 23, 2021

PICTURES: 26 Year Old Man Killed By Ho West Municipal Revenu …

A 26-year-old Wisdom Eckah has been run over by the Ho West Municipal Assembly Revenue vehicle when he tried stopping the officials from locking up his shop over non-compliancy with payment of taxes.

The Assembly’s revenue tax force team upon its regular check-up exercise on traders who default payment of taxes closed down the shop belonging to Wisdom Eckah.

The deceased is alleged to have owed GHC 25.

But the man in disagreement tried stopping the vehicle of the assembly but got run over by the car which killed him instantly.

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Reporting the incident, Kingdom FM’s Volta Regional Correspondent, Lasisi explained that, the deceased burst up in misunderstanding and tried to prevent the assembly officials but met his untimely death.

But Lasisi added that the angry youth in the area have been up in arm with the police and have burnt down the Assembly’s vehicle that runs over the deceased and some other property in retaliation.

The body of the deceased has been deposited at the hospital.

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