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Photos : Residents Of Kanaase No.1 Compete With Animals For …

Residents of Kanaase No. 1, a farming community in the Wenchi Municipality of the Bono Region are compelled to compete with animals for drinking water over lack of potable water in the area.

 Kanaase No. 1

There are about 400 residents of Kanaase No.1, who do not have access to clean and potable water.

The inhabitants depend on the unsafe water from River Tain, which also serves as a source of drinking water for livestock.

According to reports, women and children fetch the unsafe water from River Tain and drink it directly without purifying the water and it is used for cooking and other household chores.

Again, reports revealed that the community’s only source of drinking which is the Tain river, is not hygienic as the water has become yellowish and full of unwanted particles.

Photos : Residents of Kanaase No.1 compete with animals for drinking water

Residents walk about 3 kilometres to Kanaase No.2 before getting access to potable water to drink.

“These animals like, goats, sheep, cattle among others defecate and urinate into the water which we also drink,” a resident stated.

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Another said: “We are calling on our MCE, MP, NGOs, the government and individuals to help us with just one borehole for us to get safe water to drink.”

Photos : Residents of Kanaase No.1 compete with animals for drinking water

”This is the situation at hand, both humans and animals drink from the same source of water. We are not happy about it but we hope things will get better by providing us with portable drinking water because some of these animals urinate and defecate in River Tain, this is not healthy for human use”, a resident indicated.

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