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NUTAG Workers Appeals To Govt Over Shops Closure

The Concern Citizens of Freedom and Justice who are Ghanaian workers who are working with the various Nigerian’s and other foreign traders in Ghana have expressed worries and disappointment in the closure of foreign national shops.

The group numbering about 1000 Ghanaians are displeased with the attitude of the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) taking the laws into their hands to lock their employers shops.

The Ghanaians Traders and Nigeria traders for some past months have been engaged in serious exchanges and attacks over the legitimacy of foreign traders engaging in retail business in Ghana.

But speaking at a press conference at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra, the PRO for the group, Dr Emmanuel Sosu added that, the comments from the President on the impasse is unfortunate since the president’s comment was rather igniting the fight.

He there appealed to government to intervene in the closure of their employers shops to allow them also get back to work since the Christmas is approaching.

Dr Sosu also called on the president to call GUTA to order since they have been engaging in act of lawlessness which is against Ghana’s constitutions but if the president fails to intervene, they will match to the Jubilee House.

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  1. Ghana is not a Nigerian state. The best place for any human being to open a shop or shops is that persons own home country. Nigeria is an overpopulated country. If we do not control the Nigerian influx into our peaceful small country Nigerians will turn it into a Nigerian state of horror ritual killings armed robberies and kidnappings. Those people accusing GUTA for taking the law into their own hands do not have brains to reason. Are those people not aware that it’s the nigerians who are breaking ghanaian laws?. Are they also not reasonable enough to know that Ghanaians can never go to Nigeria to do the same things that the nigerians are doing in nigeria?. Why can’t they ask the nigerians the reason why they can’t open their their shops in Nigeria for their 200 million plus population people to buy their items but in Ghana. If those people who are supporting the nigerians are reasonable they could have realised that since the Nigerian influx into the country there have being killings where human parts have reportedly being taken. Ghana need a leader who will not allow the so called Ecowas protocols of redidency and the so called establishments or a leader who will put it into a referendum vote for Ghanaians to decide whether they want to join up or not. Akuffo addow and the rest always preach democracy but practice dictatorship whilst they accuse military regimes. The reaffirmation of the Ecowas protocols by the akuffo addow npp government was imposed on Ghanaians and therefore those ecowas protocols are illegal and unacceptable. Which leader of earth who is intellect and caring about his people would ever sign a so called protocols to allow 200 million overpopulated nigerian population of ritual killers armed robbers and kidnappers as most Nigerians are to take up residency and establish in a population of 30 million as Ghana is? Akuffo addow is a corrupt brainless human idiot and that is why the nigerians are trying to turn Ghana into a Nigerian state but we the Ghanaians patriots are never ever going to sit down for these evils to turn Ghana into a killing zone as I have already predicted. Therefore please watch out for changes coming in Ghana politics in due course. GUTA is right and acting in accordance with the law. Ghana can never become a Nigerian state. Akuffo has no brains. Thank you.

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