April 20, 2021
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Communication Team Member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP),Kwasi Taylor Junior has called for stiffer regulation of the media space, following the suspected ritual killing of an 11-year-old boy by two juveniles.

Two teenagers, Felix Nyarko and Nicholas Kini, are currently standing trial for allegedly killing an 11-year-old boy supposedly for money rituals.

Reports have suggested that the two teenage suspects may have been influenced to take such action due to the content they watched on TV.

Kwasi Taylor Junior on ‘Anopa Nkomo’ on Kingdom FM said tighter regulation of the media space will end the dissemination of toxic content by the media.

“In my estimation, we should be hard on media regulation. We should review the laws and regulations that govern the media today. The media is very powerful. If we take it for granted, two years from now it will be very late to do anything.”

Kwasi Taylor Junior  believes the regulation of the media space should start from a “complete overhaul of all the guidelines and regulations that are used to guide and guard the media.”

The National Media Commission (NMC) and the government have been blamed for failing to halt the dissemination of activities of self-acclaimed money doublers and spiritualists on national television since the incident occurred.

Richard Obeng Bediako / Kingdom 107.7 FM / Kingdom TV/ Kingdomfmonline.com / Richardobengbediako@gmail.com / Ghana / 2021

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