September 21, 2021
Featured General


The Eastern Regional 1st Vice Chairman of the NDC, William Atamudzi has invoked curses on supporters of the NDC for accusing him of taking money from Frank Annoh Dompreh to sell the Nsawam-Adoagyir seat to the NPP.

He was spotted on Wednesday afternoon raining strong-worded curses using schnapps, eggs, leaves, soft drink among others.

While pouring the Schnapp on the ground, he said: “If it is true that I have taken money from Dompreh and sold the Nsawam seat to him, (they said Selorm won the seat), let me and all my family die.”

“Any other person who said so without evidence, you and all your relatives should die,” he said while pouring the libation,” he added.

The party supporters were said to have alleged that Atamudzi took money from the NPP’s MP-elect, Frank Annoh Dompreh, to win the election over the NDC candidate, Philbert Fummey.

Meanwhile, at the end of the Parliamentary polls on December 7, the certified result showed that Frank Annoh Dompreh garnered 34,428 while his NDC contender who polled 31,186.

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