May 6, 2021

National Security Officials Raided Our Offices And Seized Ou …

Technical Director of SOFTtribe a software developing firm Mr. David Bolton is claiming that officials of the National Security raided their offices yesterday November 25, 2019.

SOFTtribe is the firm that runs the E-billing system for Ghana Water Company and has been doing this since 2016.

Mr. Bolton says the men who claim are officials of National Security asked for the passwords to get access to the Ghana Water Company which led to a bit of a heated moment and saw of their staff whisked away.

“Yesterday some gunmen came to our office to confiscate our mobile phones so currently none of our workers have access to mobile phones. First, they wanted to confiscate our laptops and computer”

“They were about 12 men and they were all armed. They told us they are from National Security”

“When the armed men came they asked for the passwords to get access to the Ghana Water Company system we were operating,” he told the Joy Super Morning Show.

He said they gave them the password but they were unable to log in and the National Security officials asked Mr. Bolton and another staff to accompany them to the BNI office.

Mr Bolton says he refused to sit in the National Security vehicle and decided to drive behind them.

He added that on their way, he smelled some foul play and quickly changed his direction which led to some form of chase from the National Security but he managed to lose them.

Mr. Bolton alleges that they have information that the management of the GWC wants to terminate the contract they have with them.

He says they have hired someone to build a similar system for the E-billing which they SOFTtribe introduced.

However Board Chair of the Ghana Water Company, Alexander Afenyo-Markin says they respect contracts and SOFTtribe has sent a petition to their office concerning that issue.

“The board I chair respects the sanctity of contract. The CEO of SoftTribe petitioned my office about the issue and with the issue of National Security, I don’t know about it,” he spoke on the Joy Super Morning Show.


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