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Deputy Minister for Monitoring and Evaluation, Hon William Kwesi Serbi has revealed that the main reason behind the establishment of the Ministry of Monitoring and Evaluation by the Nana Addo led-administration is for the ministry to monitor and evaluate the various Ministry’s projects and programs.

‘It is also to ensure that their performance creates a positive change and contributes to the country’s development,’ he explained.

According to Deputy Minister, the rationale behind the maiden ‘Results Fair’ is to enable the various Ministries, Departments and other stand-alone Agencies to showcase what they have been able to achieve within the 3 years in the governance of the NPP.

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“The results fair is to showcase the good works that the NPP government has done within the 3 years for Ghanaians. We will not say that we have done this but rather exhibit it in order for people to know the positive impact it has created on the lives of Ghanaians”

“The Results Fair is to promote accountability and transparency of our works done to Ghanaians” he added.

Speaking in an interview with Lawyer Ohene Gyan on Pae Mu Ka on Accra-base Kingdom FM 107.7 which was held live from the Results Fair, Hon Kwesi Serbi said the work of the Ministry is not to name and shame other ministries but to accompany and assist them in the implementation of programs.

Deputy Minister for Monitoring and Evaluation, Hon William Kwesi Serbi, 3rd From Right

“We assist the government in all developmental projects and also see to it that the Ministry in charge of that project will execute it well in order to create change and bring development to the country. So after the work has been done completely and correctly, then we take the results,” he explained to Lawyer Ohene Gyan.

Hon William Kwesi Serbi noted that the Monitoring and Evaluation Ministry will take into consideration all the recommendations and suggestions that will be made by Ghanaians concerning the Results Fair and work effectively towards it in order to ensure a positive outcome.

Deputy Minister for Monitoring and Evaluation, Hon William Kwesi Serbi

He, therefore, urged Ghanaians to come and witness the good works of the Nana Addo led-administration in order to appreciate the works of the NPP government.

“We said we will bring change so we want people to know that indeed we have brought change”, he emphasized.

By: Felicia Gyasiwaah Dadzie / Kingdom 107.7 FM / Kingdom TV/ / feliciagyasiwaah9 / Ghana / 2020

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