October 22, 2021
General Politics


The Registrar of Ghana Scholarship Secretariat, Kingsley Agyemang has accused former president John Dramani Mahama for nearly collapsing the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat under the governance of the NDC.According to Kingsley Agyemang, the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat was at the verge of collapsing under the administration of the former president John Dramani Mahama and his appointee, Prof. Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemamng who was then the Minister of Education.

Speaking to Kingdom News reporter, Elvis Kumah Sampson, the registrar disclosed that during the tenure of Prof.

Jane Naana as the Minister of Education and John Dramani Mahama as the president abandoned the secretariat and things went bad because the secretariat was not functioning. ‘when Mahama appointed Prof. Jane Naana as the minister of education, the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat were not able to pay fees of the foreign students for about one and half years, they were not able provide the northern scholarship to the students in the norther part of Ghana’ he said.

But the NPP Akufo-Addo led government has saved the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat from collapsing and is in full operation now.

Kingsley Agyemang has commended president Akufo-Addo for empowering the lives of the youth in education through the secretariat and also extending the wings of the secretariat in the districts of the country.

The registrar made this revelation when chairman of hungary NPP branch Stephen Yeboah, some members and the director of KOSA pharmaceutical company visited the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat to present some Personal Protection Equipment {PPE} to the registrar.

On the part of the director of KOSA pharmaceutical, Kofi Nti, the company has recognized the relevance of the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat and the number of people they who engages with them so there is the need to assist them in combating the spread of the corona virus, hence presenting hand sanitizers, liquid soaps, tissues and others.

‘ We have recognized how best the president is fighting the corona virus pandemic so we are also doing our best to assist president Akufo-Addo by presenting PPE to some bodies’ he said.

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