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There are growing concerns amongst inhabitants in the New Juaben South District over the decision by the Municipal Assembly to convert the New Juaben Community Center into a District Magistrate Court.

The decision since rumored has raised major eyebrow as to the rationale behind such suggestions.

The New Juaben South Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Isaac Appaw is rumored to have given the go ahead for the edifice to be temporarily converted into the District Magistrate Court in order for the ‘Mangoase’ (Magistrate) Court to go under renovation.

Community center left, Melcom right

Speaking under the pretext of anonymity, some inhabitants within the New Juaben Municipality expressed their disapproval over such decision, describing it as primitive, absurd, tyrannical, disingenuous untenable, and an albatross on the neck of the People living around the New Juaben Community Center.

They argued that the Premises which house the New Juaben Community Center has a high level of hustle and bustle activities taking place since it is a stretch of the Koforidua Central business district.

‘’Looking at where the community center is situated, we Melcom Shopping Center just inches closer to the center, at the same time we have a busy road beneath the center, and directly opposite the center is a fueling station. So how are they going to go about proceedings’’?

‘’A Community Center which had a larger portion was sold to a private entity and now has to be compensated with a ‘pocket size’ hall. How can this hall be used as a court? Why is everyone silent on this decision by the Municipal Assembly’’?

fuel station direct opposite the community center

They also quizzed authorities on the reason the magistrate court cannot temporarily be moved to the High court which have a giant building that can accommodate the Magistrate court as well.

‘’The community center is not Security friendly zone for Court proceedings to take place, will they shoot a thief in case one try to flee? Will you shoot inside the people shopping at the Melcom Shopping center all the commuters plying the road? This is a ‘no brainer’ they argued.

a commuter plying the busy road beneath the community center

They have decided to petition the Regional Minister or Protest such a decision with a demonstration and picketing or even petition the Jubilee House if such decision is not reversed.         

Meanwhile clerical activities begins next week from the Community Center.

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