January 23, 2021



The failure of the Church to pray for prosperity for the nation has been identified as the major cause of Ghana’s socio-political and economic woes as a nation.

Ghana is said to be on a stormy sea and struggling while the church is sleeping thus neglecting its very important role to pray for the nation and bail it out from her mess.

 “The church is asleep while Ghana is struggling from neglect by the church which is the representative of God who has the answer to all problems”, Rev. Canon. Oscar Christian Amoah, the Principal of Sefwi Wiawso College of Education has noted.

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He has attributed the slow pace of the country’s development to the church’s apathy to offer intercessory prayers for the nation.

In his 94-page book “A SLEEPING CHURCH IN A STRUGGLING NATION”,  the author observed that the church has failed the nation and explained that prayers by the church for the nation is weak and like a weak electric current,  cannot generate the needed power needed for the required breakthrough for the country. 

Rev. Amoah noted that Ghana is a blessed country on God’s agenda and that its growth and development politically, economically, and socially depended on its position spiritually yet the church is in deep slumber and that all is not well with the various dimension of the nation spiritually, politically and economically. 

Rev. Amoah observed that individuals and denominations only offer serious prayers for the nation during elections in order for peace to prevail only for the vim and vigour with which they prayed for the nation dims and wanes once the election is over. 

According to him, the nation is characterized by dishonesty, bribery and corruption, idolatry, false prophets, sexual immorality, armed robbery, mismanagement, economic hardships, poverty, dirty politics, disasters and human sacrifices for which the church cannot exonerate herself from blame.

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“When the Church is awake, there is a lot that she can see, hear, say and do” Rev. Canon Amoah quoted Jeremiah 1:10 to buttress his position

To him, the church in Ghana is dead and has therefore called on the Universal Church of Ghana comprising the Orthodox, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Local churches, Assemblies, Ministries, and Fellowships, to seriously and persistently pray for the nation.

According to the author, it is only when the church offers serious prayers for the nation that their (churches) contributions in the area of education, health, cultural transformation, economic growth, moral transformation, the salvation of souls and spiritual development, among others, would be significant and make the difference.

Rev. Canon. Oscar Christian Amoah, the Principal of Sefwi Wiawso College of Education

He warned that if the Church does not sit up, idol worship would be so polished and transformed and made attractive to attract a lot of people even from officialdom. He also blamed the church because 70% of the nation’s population is Christian, whose activities are detrimental to the development of the nation. 

“The tree of idolatry is growing fast, far and wide in Ghana” he noted and added that evil will flourish when good people do nothing.

He said it will not argue well for the church to sit down for any government to rule the nation as if the nation belongs to political parties and urged the church to pray against “the notion of minority will have their say and the majority will have their way” when bills that will not be in the interest of the nation are to be passed since bills meet party interests rather than national interests.

“The church should not sit down unconcerned for the few parliamentarians to play politics with the lives of the real majority of the people especially when the lawmakers do not even consult constituents they represent on critical issues.

He says the church has the responsibility to bring the policies, bills, contracts, and other issues that border on national development to God in prayer.

He bemoaned that Ghana is endowed with all kinds of natural and human resources yet she is still poor and indicated that “It is regrettable, disappointing and shameful that Ghana with rich agricultural lands, gold, diamond, bauxite and manganese and oil cannot cater for its basic needs like education, health, food, and shelter”.

Rev. Canon Amoah said, however, that there is hope in intensive and consistent prayer by intercessors to save the situation.

He has, therefore, prescribed a national agenda by the churches at the church, communities, towns, districts, regional and national levels to look at national priority areas for prayers.

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