May 6, 2021

Eid-Ul-Adha: Observe All Safety Protocols Amidst Celebration …

Paramount Chief of the Moshie Communities (Abeka, Fadama and Darkuman) Alhaji Suley Issah has urged Muslims to adhere strictly to all Covid-19 hygiene protocols put in place amidst the Eid-ul-Adha celebration.

Speaking to Kingdom FM‘s reporter Queenel Delali Kukey after a prayer and donation session has been held for the occasion, the Moshie Communities Paramount Chief explained that, the Holy Quran makes it mandatory to give to the needy and poor in our society.

He said, Muslims should not have in abundance, but share the little they have in-order to be a blessing to those who do not have.

Alhaji Suley Issah donated items including bags of rice, cooking oil, tomato paste, and meat among others.

The donation according to him is one of the pillars of Islam and remind others to do same.

Further his disclosed that, his outfit together with the Assembly member of the area has initiated handiwork training opportunities including glass works, electricals, welding etc for residents in the area

he reiterated that the training which is free will help created job opportunities for the youths in the community

“This will make the youth very responsible and reduce the rate at which the youth in the community involve in social vices such as drug abuse, prostitution, robbery”, he said.

By: Queenel Delali Kukey / Kingdom plus 101.9 FM / Kingdom TV/ / / Ghana / 2020

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