The Senior Minister, Yaw Osofo Marfo says the creeping tendency of corruption in the social and moral fibre of the society is largely attitudinal.
Addressing Chiefs and members of the National House of Chiefs in Kumasi to present a draft paper on a Ghana Beyond Aid Strategy, Mr Marfo noted that some people feel being corrupt means one is smart .
Others he noted believe by acting smart or corrupt means they are only exploiting the system to make money.
He said it was needful that all stakeholders including chiefs and traditional leaders lead the effort of shaping the mindset of people to be law abiding and patriotic.
”It is unthinkable that people in this present age want to steal dustbins given to take care of garbage to their homes”, the Senior Minister posited.
Touching on the need for Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCES) to be elected, Mr Marfo said elected MMDCEs would work loyally to the people.
He stressed that since they would want to be re-elected again into office no matter their ideologies these MMDCEs would work to develop the areas they head.
The Senior Minister stressed that development should be local and not something that a President must dictate from the capital.
People in the metropolis, municipalities and district assemblies, the Minister argued should be allowed to take charge of the development of their areas, adding that the election of MMDCEs should not be negotiable.
”I have every conviction that having in mind that they would seek re-election when their mandate expire they would put off any political ideologies and work to develop the areas they head”, Mr Marfo stressed.
Togbe Afede, President of the National House Chiefs commended the Senior Minister for the decision to solicit views from his outfit.
He noted that a Ghana beyond Aid is a welcome idea and urged that all efforts are expended to make it a reality.
The President, however, expressed worry at the rate of corruption in the country.
He called on government to lead the efforts of weaning itself from the canker so that it would be in a firm and uncompromising position  to call on citizens to work on their attitudes to stopping same.

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