Residents of Diaso in the Upper Denkyire West in the Central Region have accused one Yaw Tawiah, who is not from the community of causing fear and panic on their lingering chieftaincy issue.

The man has been accused by the residents with his false news intended to create fear and panic following his allegations about the declaration of Diaso Chieftaincy issue in favour of the faction he supports.

“He pronounced it on Accra based  Adom Tv that the court has ruled the case in favour of the Ahwenie people in the community whilst the court is yet to rule on the issue’, the youth told at a press briefing.

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The Diaso chieftaincy issue has been there for the past twenty years and it has affected the development of the community.

The battle is drawn between the Asona Asenkye Royal Family people in the community who are the royals and the Ahwenie people who came from other communities to settle there.

The old aged dispute has been a source of concern to many people including citizens of Denkyira area since the Diaso chief played an important role in the Denkyira war.

In 1944, the judgement was made in favour of the Asona Asenkye Royal family in the community as the rightful royals in the community.

Nana Yitta Amoako II, subsequently enstooled as the Chief of Diaso by the late Omanhene of the Denkyira Traditional Council, Odefour Boamposem in 2014.

Diasohene supposed to be the Adontehene of the Denkyira Traditional council and its absence has affected their deliberations over the years.

What is left now is for him to be gazetted.

But the other faction, Ahwenie, according to the youth, is still pursuing the case and the case is currently in the High Court and Central Regional House of Chiefs.

The comment by one Yaw Tawiah, a retired police officer has brought fear and panic in the community.

Some residents say his comment is false since the case is still in court and the Central Regional House of Chiefs.

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‘’ We want to put this across that his comment is false and liable to cause fear and panic and are currently pursuing him for publishing false information’’.

Tension is mounting in the community following his comment.

‘’ The degree of the tension is immeasurable. This has divided the community on the issue. Residents in the Diaso community have allegedly threatened to ‘arm’ and ‘defend’ themselves if immediate steps were not taken to properly address the problem based on his comment.

There is an uneasy calm in the Diaso community as a result of a protracted chieftaincy dispute which has raged on for more than 20 years.

Youth associations are springing up, some of which have aligned themselves to one faction or another and ready to deal with anyone who crosses their way.

Tension started mounting this week when Yaw Tawiah, a resident in the community who is not from the community announced that court has declared one of the factions winner of the case but the court has not done that.

According to the residents, he has been engaging in that for some time, adding that two years ago his comment resulted in a clash between the two factions where people lost their lives and others sustained various degrees of injuries.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of the Asona Asenkye family, lawyer Obiri Boahen is calling for calm among the people in the Diaso community.

He assured them of victory and no judgement has been passed yet.

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