September 29, 2021


Nigerian comedian, actor, music producer and director, KC Brown has observed and concluded that the Special Anti-Robbery Squad which was supposed to be protecting lives and monitoring cybercrime, was rather encouraging the act.

He mentioned while speaking in a phone interview with Nana Quasi Wusu (PM) on Y97.9FM’s Dryve of Your Lyfe that their harassment has gone beyond them being an anti-robbery squad.

“If their aim is to monitor the fraudsters or Yahoo boys, what are they even doing to prevent them from being the fraudsters or Yahoo thingy that you call them”, he quizzed.

KC continued, “You see a Yahoo boy today, you notice some things on his phone that have to do with fraudulent activities and you’re telling him to pay you one million naira or else if you take him to the station, he’s going for life imprisonment.

You insist that he pays that ransom right there so you start negotiating one million naira, five hundred thousand, seven hundred thousand and what not. Now if the boy pays you, are you telling me now that he should stop that cybercrime? No, he won’t”.

He commented that doing this was only encouraging the fraud boys the more because each time they catch these boys who fall victim to doing what they, the police have been put in place to check, they took money from them.

“I have never heard in the history of SARS that SARS caught a Yahoo boy or someone engaging in fraudulent activities and the person has gone to jail. If you catch them and you collect your share of their money, you are encouraging them to do cybercrime the more”, he voiced.

According to KC Brown, the issue of SARS, obviously, has now gone way past harassing just Yahoo boys but now, even entertainers like himself and the whole of Nigeria is bleeding.


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