September 22, 2021
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Top Musicians Have Taken Advantage Of Upcoming Ones – …

Seidu Iddrisu, a music publisher at Sheer Publishing Africa has descended on Ghanaian musicians saying that they have taken advantage of upcoming artists.

According to Seidu, instead of top artists helping the upcoming ones by making their music reach the highest level or international level, they rather take advantage of them.

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‘’Taking advantage of someone who is coming up in the music industry is wrong and I think Ghanaian top musicians should learn to support the upcoming ones’’ he said.

Seidu in an interview on Accra-Based Kingdom FM Drive with the Royal Baby stated, most upcoming artist think collaborating with the top artist would do them good, he said is not the case, but they rather make more name than you the upcoming and also help them in promoting their already songs on the market.

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I believe hard work pays, and I think upcoming artists should do a lot of work on their songs before realizing them, with that he said they can easily make it.

By: Queenel Delali Kukey / / / Ghana / 2021

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