October 23, 2021
Featured Politics


The opposition National Democratic Congress Deputy National Communications Officer, Godwin Ako Gunn has asked politicians to stop politicizing his initiatives that seeks to bring national development.

According to him, every little occurrence is attributed to one political party or the other anf which political activists and followers are so emotionally attached to their parties they get easily upset over such issues raising tension.

“We cannot afford to play politics with everything in this country. The incessant politicization of all issues does no credit to Ghanaian politics,” Godwin Ako Gunn told Kwaku Dawuro on ‘Anopa Nkomo’ Accra-based Kingdom FM 107.7

If Ghana will be a good place for us all, then all stakeholders must adopt a unifying attitude in all that they do.

Godwin Ako Gunn said as Ghanaians, our topmost priority should be about peace building; a peaceful country, peace of mind, and harmony without which nothing meaningful can be achieved.

Richard Obeng Bediako / Kingdom 107.7 FM / Kingdom TV/ Kingdomfmonline.com / [email protected] / Ghana / 2021

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