Sex Before Marriage Is Not A Sin – Ben Moshe

 Sex Before Marriage Is Not A Sin – Ben Moshe

Leader of the Common Sense Family, Avram Ben Moshe has stated that sex before marriage is a good thing and not a sin as christians want us to believe.

According to the controversial leader, nowhere in the bible says a man cannot commit fornication before marriage but explained that having sex with a woman without getting married to her is rather a sin.

Speaking with Royal Baby on Kingdom drive on Kingdom FM in Accra on Thursday, October 21, 2021, he said any man who sleeps with a lady without officially asking for her marriage has committed a sin. Quoting Deuteronomy 23:1 and Exodus 22:16 to buttress his argument, he said “Sex before marriage is not a sin but rather having sex and refused to marry the woman is a sin”.

“he continued that it’s incumbent on every man to marry a woman after having sex with her. You can only leave the woman after sex when her parents refuse to hand their daughter for marriage” he added.

He advised christians to read the bible and understand it well to prevent deceit from pastors.

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