October 22, 2021
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Rtd. Referee Joe Debrah has leapt to the defence of referee Yusif Adari who has come under barrages of insults and criticisms following his decision not award a penalty call that came from supporters and players of Techiman XI Wonders after a hand ball situation in the 18yard box involving hearts defender Robert Addo Sowah, when the ball is adjudged to have struck his arm in their Ghanaian Premierleague week 26 match played at the Ameyaw Park in Techiman.

But in an interview with JAY JAY on Kingdom FM in Accra on Saturday, the Retired FIFA Referee said the decision by the referee not to award the penalty to XI wonders even admittedly he saw the fall struck the defenders arm was spot on and a good call by referee Adari.

‘’Many a times we don’t some do not understand the interpretation of the law and whiles there are revisions to these laws some find it difficult to acquaint themselves with these revisions. FIFA through IFAB reviewed the hand ball rules in the 2020/21 season, with respect to the controversial ‘ball to hand rule’ which seems to have escaped many’’, he revealed.

He added that in the case of what happened in the XI Wonders-Hearts game you could see the ball struck the defenders arm, but the arm is in a natural position and the position of his hands does not widen his body to block the ball preventing the ball from traveling at the distance.

‘’You could see his body didn’t move with his arm, the defender had his arm at it natural position and this is a clear case of ‘ball to hand’, such situation should not be penalized’, he explained.

He commended the courage of Referee Yusif Adari for his performance and staying his grounds even in such a hostile situation after his decision.

Even though he admitted there has been situations where the referees gets some decisions wrong but was quick to laud the performances of the referees scoring them 65%.

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