October 22, 2021
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National Identification Authority To Charge A Fee

The National Identification Authority has opened its Registration exercise again at the Headquarters at Shiashe in Accra along the 37- Madina road.

This second wave of registration is a little different from the previous one which was absolutely free of charge for every citizen.

It is no longer free.

There are now three different Classifications Update, Replacement and Fresh registration (Citizens & Foreigners).

For updates, that is if the name on your card is spelt wrongly, the wrong date of birth, wrong height etc. You will be charged cGH c30 for an instant fresh card.

For Replacement; that is if one’s Card is lost or missing. He or she will need to report to a Police Station for a Police Statement Report. which is free; he or she only has to explain how the card got missing.

Along with this police report, one must have on hand a copy of the Registration Form on which his or her details were recorded during the initial exercise.

The charge is GH c30 for an instant fresh Card.

For Fresh/New Registration, which is refusing to register for free during the past years (2018, 2019, 2020), the charge is a whopping GH c250 for a fresh Card.

For those who have already registered but could not get their card, the Officers are there to assist you to get your cards instantly.

Ghanaians are cautioned that failure to possess a Ghana card will affect the usage of phones because the card will be used for the upcoming SIM registration.

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