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The Former Central Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Bernard Allotey Jacobs says he has deeply regretted lying that then sitting President John Agyekum Kufuor collected $5 million as a bribe.

According to him, he is making moves to visit the former President to apologize for his actions and seek forgiveness from him.

Bernard Allotey Jacobs, whom the NDC said they have expelled from their ranks, spilled the beans recently on Peace FM saying they pushed the fake $5 million bribe story to gain political advantage.

He said he had already confessed before God and believes that apologizing to Kufuor will bring him closure.

He said “I would want to seek audience with President Kufuor and apologize to him. I owe him an apology. Every issue has its trigger and there is nothing that is hidden under the sun so don’t say I’m saying this because I’m no longer with the NDC. You can’t light a lamp and hid it, it will show. The type of politics we are doing in this country is destroying people. We make all false allegations against people and there is payback”.

Earlier Confession

He noted on the show that the propaganda worked for the NDC as it helped them win the 2009 elections with late President John Evans Atta Mills as flagbearer.

He explained that they did it just to tarnish his image and get the public to vote against the President’s New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the 2008 general election which the current President, Nana Akufo-Addo was contesting for the first time.

The NDC’s continuous lies and propaganda against the NPP brought the late Professor John Evans Atta Mills to power in early 2009 after winning the 2008 presidential election, following an unprecedented third round of the contest.

Even in that election, candidate Akufo-Addo managed to beat Prof. Mills in the first round, but when the NDC stepped up its propaganda, the NPP succumbed to pressure and lost by less than 40,000 votes.

At that time, it was the current Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, who was then Minority Leader, then former President Rawlings’ spokesperson Victor Smith and Allotey Jacobs, the then NDC Central Regional Propaganda Secretary, who later became the party’s Regional Chairman, who spearheaded the bribe story and even insisted they had evidence to prove the allegation.

Now one of the key people who spearheaded the vile propaganda has come out to say that the NDC concocted the corruption-related story against former President Kufuor to create public disaffection for him and the NPP.

More Revelations

He said he will in the coming days reveal more lies hatched by the NDC against the person of John Agyekum Kufuor.

“I will let the world know what we did against President Kufuor and that is why I spill the beans. It will be a season for political and law students to know things we do to undermine political leaders. It worked for us because we won the elections. We also lied that President Kufuor had promised to relocate the sea to Kumasi. We told people that and they believed it”.

On why he is doing this now, Allotey Jacobs felt the need to speak out after some allegations were made against him by some NDC officials.

“I’m coming out because when they did it to me I felt it and I realized it wasn’t right so I want us to stop this politics of character assassination undermining and blackmailing. If we stop this, I’m sure, we will have peace in our politics,” he stated.

He continued that, “We were only yearning to come to power so we were just blackmailing,” and even said he has since confessed to the Pope and asked for God’s forgiveness.

“I went for confession in Rome and informed the Pope that this is what I have done so he should pardon me and seek long life for me, that is why I am here today,” he added.

He said that “I know what I am saying will attract insults for me on social media. I have said that what goes around comes around. When it got to their turn, they are calling it anti-party conduct and so on.


“One guy I was on the radio with this morning said I was speaking for the current government that was why I was disciplined and I said to him that if somebody is doing something good, we all have to support that person or group. Anyone who is charting a good course must be encouraged to succeed.”

He added that “I can see this government doing well, especially the President and his Vice. I will support them because I want Ghana to move forward. We don’t have to always go one step forward, two steps backwards.”

He also said that “what they are using to vilify us today are the same things they did the other time to get to power’’.

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