Ghanaians In Favour Of Election For MMDCEs – CDD-Ghana

 Ghanaians In Favour Of Election For MMDCEs – CDD-Ghana

A survey by the Center for Democratic Development, Ghana (CDD-Ghana) has revealed that Ghanaians want the nomination of Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) by the sitting president abolished.

From the findings contained in a report by the advocacy group, there is support for the organisation of an election to elect competent people to occupy the position of MMDCEs in the country.

“At least 7 in 10 Ghanaians (76%) are in favour of election of MMDCEs. Just 20% still want MMDCEs to be appointed by the President,” a portion of the CDD-Ghana report has disclosed.

The survey uncovered that between 2008 and 2017, support for election of MMDCEs increased significantly by 16 percentage points, while support for appointment by the president declined by 7 percentage points.

Not only is the Support for election of MMDCEs generally high irrespective of political party affiliation, but across the regions, support for election of MMDCEs has also been generally very high between 2008 and 2021.

Through the survey, CDD-Ghana learnt that only 20% of Ghanaians who want MMDCEs elected, prefer a partisan election format.

The majority (71%) want a non-partisan election format similar to the one used in electing local government councillors.

Meanwhile, the majority of Ghanaians believe MMDAs have for the past five years performed ‘very or fairly badly” in a number of functions including responding to development challenges of communities on time.

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