October 22, 2021
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Garu MP Calls For Help As Tamne Dam Flood Houses

Member of Parliament for Garu constituency, Hon. Albert Akuk Jna Alalzuga, has joined calls for help as Tamne irrigation dam floods farmlands and houses.

In the Tempane and Garu Districts of the Upper East region, there have been reports of stray crocodiles taking over houses submerged in the flood waters.

The Tamne irrigation dam which takes its water from eight tributaries and confluence was overflown after torrential rains.

Some crocodiles living in the dam found their way into people’s houses.

Many farmlands with cash crops, roads, economy trees, and others were adestroyed.

The affected communities are Gagbiri, Zambala, Bugri, Gaago, Kug-Zua, Gella-Kolog, Napaadi, Araziim, Kolsabilgu, Zulli, Kuugre and among others.

Michael Abugri Anabilla, a farmer and businessman, said his livestock have been washed away by the flood, some eaten by crocodiles and major roads linking the communities destroyed.

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According to him, houses that were not earmarked for relocation and the reason being that those houses were far from the dam and cannot be flooded are likely to be flooded soon.

One of the victims, Hon. Ataabire Akuka Iddrisu, the Assemblymember for Gagbire, expressed shock over the incident.

He said communities have been flooded and roads cut off by the flood.

According to Iddrisu, the major roads linking Garu, Gagbire, Bugri, Basyonde and the neighbouring country Cinkasse in Togo have been badly destroyed.

Hon. Albert Alalzuga Akuka, described the situation as worrying after touring the area with some of the affected victims.

The MP added that there are still more rains to come and admonished his constituents to stay from low land areas.

The MP appealed to government to come to their aid by relocating those in the affected communities.

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