October 22, 2021
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FOMWAG Calls For Completion Of Amanfrom Prisons Rehabilitati …

The Federation of Muslim Women’s Association of Ghana (FOMWAG) has called for the early completion of the Amanfrom Prisons’ Rehabilitation Centre in the Ashanti region for the proper reintegration of inmates into society.

Construction of the project began seven years ago but has been left to rot under bad weather.

It is also a breeding ground for reptiles and other small creatures.

The Federation believes completion of the Centre will equip inmates to be useful to society.

The Centre was expected to rehabilitate about 200 inmates when completed.

Authorities say they relied on corporate bodies including the Catholic Church and donations over the years to start the project.

The project is about 50 percent complete, but there are no more funds to complete it.

Commander at the Amanfrom Camp Prison, Assistant Director of Prisons (ADP) Francis Mwintumah Yelpuo, says the completion of the Centre is of paramount interest to the prisons.

ADP Yelpuo says authorities are working relentlessly to change the narrative by not only housing people but also training them to learn a trade.

He calls on individuals, religious organizations, and philanthropists to assist them to complete the project.

The law mandates the prisons to ensure safe custody and welfare of inmates, as well as rehabilitate them.

After donating food, toiletries, and among items, FOMWAG urged the public to support the construction project.
The group believes the project, once completed, will help provide many inmates with relevant skills which will keep them busy after serving their prison terms.
Ashanti region President of the Federation, Kabeerat Ahmed Salihs, observed many of the inmates would not have landed in prison if they were in gainful employment.

She lauded the initiative taken by the prison authorities to ensure inmates acquire skills in farming, tailoring, shoemaking, carpentry, masonry, among others.

She says it is the responsibility of Ghanaians to ensure the Centre is completed.

Until the Rehabilitation Centre is completed, inmates will continue to leave the prison with little or no skill for their proper reintegration into society.

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