Farmers’ Day Celebration: Modernize Agriculture To Attract More Youth Into Farming – Amoako Atta To Government


Agriculture is an important part of Ghana’s economy and contributes roughly 20% of Gross Domestic Product.

Ghana’s agriculture is predominantly smallholder, traditional and rain-fed. … Maize, millet, cowpeas, groundnuts, yam and rice are some of the main crops that are cultivated in the northern parts of Ghana.

Farming over the years has been limited to certain kinds of people in our various Communities with the motive that farming is below the standard of learned people.

Most people including graduates and others who do not have passion for farming always seek for white colour job, which results in them being unemployed and even getting involved in social vices.

With regards to this, the Founder and Leader of Parliament Chapel international (PCI), Apostle Francis Amoako Attah has call on government to Modernize Agriculture to attract more youth into farming, this he believe will help the youth desist from the mentality that it is only illiterates and aged who are qualified to farm.

According to Apostle Francis, the government has not paid much attention to farming and made it less attractive to encourage the youth to farm.

In an interview on farmers day with Kwaku Dawuro on ‘’Accra- Base Kingdom Anopa Nko Mo’’, Apostle noted that farming is not a punishment and should not be undermined, rather encourage our famers with a great support.

He therefore calls on people to stop destroying our water bodies and farm land, and urge the government to extend their support to farmers in order to make it more attractive for the youth to farm.

By: Queenel Delali Kukey / / / Ghana / 2021